Medical Tourism in Chiang Mai

Thailand is one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations owing to its excellent hospitals, low-cost medical treatment, cheap travel and fantastic tourist infrastructure. The best hospitals come with top English-speaking doctors and nurses in their respective fields, along with state-of-the-art equipment and an enviable hospitality.

The medical tourism in Chiang Mai is no exception, with several excellent hospitals and clinics. Moreover, it’s a relaxed, pleasant and affordable place to sit out the recovery period. Visitors often have dental check-ups, health checks, or even minor surgery planned during the visit, and save plenty on their medical bills at the same time.


Hospitals in Chiang Mai are among the best in Thailand, catering well to English speaking foreigners – several private hospitals offer astute medical tourism services in Chiang Mai…more


Popular with tourists is a visit to one of Chiang Mai’s many excellent, family-friendly dentists, who offer everything from check-ups to teeth whitening, crowns and dental reconstruction…more

Health Checks

With so many foreign retirees in Chiang Mai, local private hospitals target medical tourism and offer a professional, comprehensive health check for less than US$100…more

Cosmetic Surgery

Chiang Mai has a good reputation for plastic surgery, with top national surgeons conducting breast alterations, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and facelifts cheaper than Bangkok…more

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Medical services in Chiang Mai

The leading hospitals in Chiang Mai provide all sorts of treatments for medical tourists from nations all over the world at a fraction of the prices in the West, and cheaper than in Bangkok too. Medical packages are available and include treatment and hotel.

Outpatient treatment in Chiang Mai is also generally of a high standard and, after treatment, you have the spoils of Thailand’s highlights to enjoy. Chiang Mai’s climate is an enviable one and is cooler than the rest of Thailand. The mountainous north is the most enchanting region of the country and the city of Chiang Mai itself is lots of fun.

Chiang Mai’s medical tourism is well organised and targeted at visiting foreigners. Chiang Mai Ram I hospital (the best one) has dedicated units catering to the needs of senior citizens, with up-to-date equipment, discerning staff, comfortable rooms and English-speaking doctors and nurses. They offer everything from health checks to surgery, baby delivery and recovery programmes for expats and visitors.

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