Hospitals and Medical Services in Chiang Mai

Many Thai doctors are trained overseas
Many Thai doctors are trained overseas

Hospitals in Chiang Mai are very good for a provincial city, with international private hospitals, competent government hospitals, and speciality clinics. In fact, healthcare is surprisingly good in urban Thailand and is quite affordable, to boot.

The best private hospital in town is Chiang Mai Ram I, while Maharaj Hospital is one of the top government hospitals. At these Chiang Mai hospitals the facilities and healthcare is reckoned, by expats, to be on a par with, or even sometimes better than, what they receive at home.

Whether you are tourist with an outpatient need – a rented motorcycle exhaust burn perhaps – or an expat resident or retiree needing hospitalisation, you’ll find the facilities top-notch and service first class, and even the very best services are affordable. Staff are professional and most speak decent English and these hospitals now also cater to a growing demand for medical tourism services, such as cosmetic surgery, heart operations and dental work.

Healthcare in Chiang Mai

Medical care in Chiang Mai is second only to the capital, Bangkok, with several excellent private hospitals and cheap prices. Many have English-speaking staff, up-to-date facilities and all kinds of services and procedures available for visitors.

In Chiang Mai healthcare treatment ranges from heart bypasses to dental surgery and ear, nose, and throat procedures. Affordable check-up plans are also available in Chiang Mai hospitals, along with excellent maternity and tailored health packages.

Doctors in Chiang Mai

Many of the top doctors in Chiang Mai have learned their profession in Western countries and are among the most competent in the region. Chiang Mai’s best hospitals have websites where you can check out a doctor’s credentials online, so you can choose the one you prefer before making an appointment. All speak English and many are very experienced specialists and surgeons.

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Medical insurance in Chiang Mai

Travelling to Chiang Mai with medical insurance as a back-up is a must and there are several good local companies that can offer extensive cover for those staying long-term. These include Thai Health and AIA Thailand, while BUPA Health Insurance is also popular.

Alternatively you should make sure your travel insurance is in order before you leave. Thailand’s healthcare isn’t super-expensive, but you never know when you might have a costly accident. Local hospitals are used to dealing with travel insurance policies and reimbursement.

BUPA Health Insurance 56/22 Chiang Mai-Lampang Road, Tel: (053) 218 222.

Chiang Mai Hospitals

Chiang Mai Ram HospitalThis award-winning hospital is the best in town and has excellent services, doctors, facilities and location. The rooms are three-star hotel standard, while staff all speak some English. Prices here are higher than elsewhere in Chiang Mai, yet much lower than similar quality hospitals in Bangkok or in developed countries. 8 Boonreungrit Road, Muang, Tel: (053) 920 300, Email.

Lanna HospitalOne of the cheaper private hospitals in Chiang Mai, with 180 beds and 24 full-time doctors. The obstetrics and gynaecology services are particularly good here and most doctors speak English. 1 Sukkasem Road, Paton, Kwang Nakornping, Tel: (053) 999 777, Email.

Rajavej Chiang Mai HospitalThis medium-priced Chiang Mai hospital can also cater for foreigners. It is located opposite the four-star Holiday Inn Hotel on the Ping River and is good for check-ups, skincare, general surgery and cancer treatments. 316/1 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, Watkate, Tel: (053) 801 999, Email.

McCormick HospitalA popular hospital in Chiang Mai with a Christian-ethos and highly-skilled, English-speaking doctors. McCormick has outpatient clinics and an inpatient ward able to deal with skin disorders, eye problems, and offering breast cancer checkups and Thai massage. 133 Kaew Nawarat Road, Watket, Tel: (053) 921 777, Email.

Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital: Treats a range of brain-related issues in its eight-storey wing and also specialises in treating stroke victims. 99 Suthep Road, Muang, Tel: (053) 920 200.

Fueng Fah ClinicDr. Witoon Wisuthseriwong is an accredited plastic surgeon who has been practising for more than 30 years. He has clinics in Chiang Mai as well as Bangkok and performs all manner of treatments, including liposuction, breast enlargement and face lifts. 1 Sriwichai Road, Suthep. Tel: (053) 216 439, 893 092.


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