Breakfast Club at The Coffee Club

Nestled in the corner of the busiest part of town sits The Coffee Club. If you’re anything like me you usually avoid eating around these areas. So, when I was invited to partake breakfast I didn’t even know where it was! I’m from the States so I have never heard of The Coffee Club so it was quite a surprise to see the style of food being served from a franchise.

Quick little back story: The Coffee Club has become one of Australia’s largest café group with approximately 400 stores throughout 9 countries. They’re not small by any means but I do love the approach they’re taking here in Thailand. To see them infuse local ingredients into their food speaks volumes.

Like the infusion of Thai foods into their delicious “Bangkok Style Eggs Benedict” which still has the traditional poached Egg, toast and bacon but mixes the hollandaise sauce with chili and is garnished with bits of fried onion. Not only was it beautifully plated but it was perfectly cooked and everything well nicely together.

The Spanish Potato Hash was gloriously filling! At the base of the plate is two big slices of toast covered with crispy country fried potatoes and savory Spanish Chorizo. Sitting perfectly on top of this carb mountain is a poached egg.

For expats that have been living in Thailand a long time I think you would appreciate as much as I did. The longer you live in Thailand the longer you realize it’s hard to find well-cooked potatoes and eggs. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you happy. That’ what food does. Sometimes when you’re so far away from home food can bring that comfort. Each bite can bring back memories of sharing the breakfast table with your family and friends. I love and enjoy Thai Food but I’m happy I found The Coffee Club for breakfast in my new home.

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