ATV on Tour in Chiang Mai

I got to use the closed track the day after it rain at ATV on Tour. I had previously done a UTV tour during the dry season and even though it was a lot of fun I can’t help to think it would even better now! With the terrain being more slippery and muddy it made driving the buggy more engaging. I couldn’t help but speed up when I saw a puddle full of water, of course my passenger seemed to be questioning my driving skills but it was all in good fun. My friend Nico was having a blast doing the same while he was going wild on the ATV. He was all smiles which was probably not a good idea when you’re going full speed into muddy waters.

ATV on Tour has a couple of different options for their tours. The have a closed course that is perfect for beginners or people who just want to take a quick trip but also offer a 1 1/2 hour long guided tour through the jungles which has come alive now because of rainy season. Prices start at just 1,800 baht for a Buggy and 1,300 baht for ATVs.

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