Ruenros Restaurant

This was my first time ever having a mango with Scallops at Ruenros Restaurant and it was love at first bite. The sweetness of the mango went perfectly with stir fried chili peppers and it just an experience for me. This is now on my list of my Top Ten Thai Dishes.

The grilled pork was well marinated and perfectly grilled on charcoal. It was tender and juice and it would come apart the instant you bit into it. I don’t think there was a single dish at my table that I did not enjoy.

The dish that has no form or shape to it is called Mi Krob which literally means “crispy noodles”. It is made from rice noodles and a sweet sauce that is balance with a splash of lime. The textures and flavors are intriguing as it had a crunch to it. I did add the lime to even it out since I’m not big on sweet foods but this was good. It was my first experience with Mi Krob and I would order it again and would recommend anyone to give it a try.

 I love Thai street food and going to local restaurant but I had never been here before or had Thai Food like this. Thought I must confess I am still a noob and learning more about Thai food every day. But if you’re in Chiang Mai i would put this on my list of must eat

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