Zip-Lining Adventure

I was never interested in Zip-lining, I thought it just wasn’t for me. So, when I was told to go and cover this I had to sigh…. but work is work. And man was I ever happy that I went through with it!!! The view is nothing like I have ever seen before. As someone who is a total beginner at this, it was both thrilling and fun. Trekking through the thick and lush rainforest, we reach our destination where we start our adventure. Slowly but surely as we go from tree to tree and it gets higher and higher. Then I finally I end up at one of the highest points. This is where I stop. I’m standing from on top of a platform that has been built on a Tree and I’m just admiring the beautiful view when before I know it I’m hooked on to a line then push down! 1000 meter Zip-Line through the jungle canopy which felt like a life time if you’re scared of heights like I am. I wore brown shorts just in case any accidents happened but luckily, I remained stain and streak free. #imanadult

I came with a big group of friends for my first time Zip-lining. Some, who were also scared of heights, were just drained afterwards. While others seemed to be bursting with energy! While you got two see both sides react differently all of us had a lot of fun during this trip! Even the ones scared of heights were all smiles.

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai and want to have get out of the normal sight seeing I highly recommend contacting Jungle Flight – Chiang Mai Zipline Eco Adventure. Their team were professional and courteous and helped put as ease knowing it was our first time ever doing this. They have been around since 2009 and are dedicated to showing you another side of Chiang Mai that many don’t get to see. They also work with local villagers in helping to preserve and protect the jungle. Every year they have a tree planting ceremony to ensure Doi Lankah will be here for future generations to enjoy.

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