Rafting in Chiang Mai

June and July is Rainy season here in Chiang Mai! While most would be disappointed by that statement those that enjoy Adventure Travel should rejoice. The Jungles in Chiang Mai come alive during this season. The landscape is lush and vivid and the rivers are roaring!

I got to experience this first hand thanks to 8Adventures! They provided expert guidance and the whole experience was great. Now this was my first time ever rafting and as well as my friends who tagged along. The instructor that took us on our first Journey knew had to engage us and made sure we knew the instructions. During our whole journey, everyone was nothing but smiles and laughing. If you you’re planning to come to CM I would suggest set a day aside to enjoy this trip. By far the most fun I had that didn’t include a beer!

They have 5km and 10km trips for you to choose from and start at only 1,800 baht per person. They have showers on site and provide towels for after your trip.

Those wondering the water is usually clear but we went the day after heavy raining the water was darker than it usually it is, so don’t worry if you book a trip and the water isn’t like you expected it to be.

Visit 8adventures.com for more info on booking your rafting adventure!


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