Wawee Bistro

Wawee has now acquired two outstanding talents from the local foodie hub Homemade Market. The kitchen is made up Andrew and Margo. If you haven’t heard of them or the Homemade Market and you’ve been living in Chiang Mai its time you get around more.

Andrew Commins has over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry through hotels, restaurants, and bars around the world. He fell in love with the culinary arts during his travels and has tried to absorb and learn as much as could during this time. His signature dish is ‘Eggs Benedict’, which he learned from a great chef in London at the Mayfair Hotel. Andrew has taken bits and pieces from his travels through Europe and was able to create something that is his own.

Daraka Imcharoen aka ‘Margo’ went from being an assistant in an international law firm to owning her restaurant/ bakery, she represents what Homemade Kitchen is about. Finding your passion and running with it. Her passion is dough and bread which has garnished her a reputation as one of the best in Chiang Mai.

The bistro sits on a bustling street corner, nestled in the old city. Wawee has remolded the whole building for this new venture. The new design feels cozy with a hint of elegance, which for me, matches the menu perfectly. Let me start off with the drinks and if you lived in Chiang Mai you’re already familiar with their coffee made with Organic Coffee Beans that has received a USDA grading. What you might not be familiar is what with all the new things they are offering now. I and some of my co-workers all order the Lemon soda to start off and at first glance was surprised by the size of it. But not only is it big but it’s so good refreshing and doesn’t feel heavy or too sweet.

As for the food, I was fortunate to sample a pretty big selection!

The Buffalo Wings were cooked differently than I’m used to. It was breaded but it added a crunch that I’ve had before with wings. But I was impressed to see it being served with a side of blue cheese dipping sauce. The Spanish Garlic Prawns fell a little short for my taste. It felt like it was missing something. To take it to the next level.

The chicken fillet is stuffed with cheese, mozzarella and blue cheese I believe, and smoked ham. Its placed-on top of mashed potatoes and garnished with grilled vegetables. The chicken was, I believe is pan-fried, giving a nice crispy first layer. The composition of the plate from crispy, to mashed, to grill provides a symphony of symphony of textures that is well balanced an more than enjoyable experience for anyone’s palate.

Now for me personally these next two dishes stood out and/or caught me by surprise. I think I’m not alone when I say that excitement doesn’t strike my heart anytime I hear the words ham and cheese. I can’t help but expect mediocre at best. This Panini Ham and Cheese was not mediocre and it was thanks to its base. The bread was well-baked and crunchy in texture. Each bite was better than the last and the side of potato wedges made it a superb choice for lunch at a bistro.

This next dish got me by complete surprise. Grilled asparagus, wild mushrooms, sautéed potatoes and sundried tomato was splendidly executed. The beetroot puree was a nice touch. The colors, the aromas were alluring and the first bite did not disenchant. Rather every gustatory cell was captivated. Dishes like this is what will set this Bistro apart from others.

Now there were some hiccups with the service and the wait time for the drinks but it is a new restaurant with an entirely new staff so it is to be expected. I did however absolutely love that all the food was sent almost altogether, which is rare in Chiang Mai. When you talk about portions, quality, and the standards you would be hard press to find a better restaurant at this price range. Every dish I had was well prepared and cooked immaculately. I can’t wait to come back and try some other eats on this menu.

The desserts are being made out of house by another Homemade Market Alumni, Lanna Patisserie. I got to try the Velvet cake, Mango and Blueberry cheesecake.

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