The Silver Temple

March 16, 2017

The Silver Temple  or Wat Srisuphan was first founded in 1501 under King Mengrai. The temple was destroyed and looted several times when Burmese occupied Chiang Mai. 

The current temple underwent its newest renovations in 2004 under the guidance of Abbot Phra Kru Phithatsuthikhu. Utilizing the skill and knowledge of local silversmiths the the temple has been given its current design. The result is a silver-colored temple full of intricate details and wonderfully stunning murals. The bulk of the work is made using alloy and zinc with silver being reserved for only the sacred images.

It is a truly sunning and beautiful temple that has had a lot of time, care and love put into the design. I highly recommend this as one of the temples to see during your time in Chiang Mai.






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