The Food Revolution!

March 28, 2017

Located in unsuspecting warehouse near Chiang Mai International Airport, the smell of charcoal fills the air. We look around bewildered trying to take in the scene around us…

 My eyes try to adjust to the events unfolding around me.  A Medieval looking butcher shop to the left. A crocodile strung up by the tail being roasted in a open flame. Sounds of a knife against a chopping board as a muscle and flesh are tore from bone. This is when I realized I was not at your typical BBQ. It felt more like a scene out of horror movie.  The evil master mind responsible for all of this is, Chef Black, has grin on his face from ear to ear as he asks “Are you hungry”…

Tonight’s event was about testing the limits and boundaries. It was a culinary expedition into the unknown and was not for those with a weak stomach. Chef Black not being cruel enough to let anyone go hungry also provided some safe meals like burgers to appease those who were brave enough to stay but couldn’t dare to try the exotic meat.

On the menu was Veal, pork, and of course the main attraction Crocodile, which also had inspired its own drink. The Crocodile’s Penis was used to infuse Gin with its mystical rejuvenating powers. Promising to make you bigger and… Ok sorry, I’m making that part up but really there was Crocodile Dick infused gin. Now I’m not the type to put either of those in my mouth but if its good its good and it was good.

The imagery of the night is enough to scare some people away but Chef Black thrived in it. As the night went on he expressed his love for experimenting and wants to offer a safe space for other Chefs that want to be creative. A venue to test ideas, theories, and experiment with not only flavors but different sources of protein.  “I want to start a revolution, a food revolution…..anyone can come here and cook. Even you.” As he points at me and lets out a evil laugh. 



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