The best 3 Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai

Thailand is the mecca of Muay Thai. Outside of the city of Bangkok, there are many places to train in Thailand. Why not choose its second biggest city located in the North to undergo your training.

Santai Muay Thai

Santai Muay Thai

Santai Muay Thai is known as the best gym in Chiang Mai good training that is focused on technique. 90% of its trainers come from the notorious Pinsinchai Camp in Bangkok which was home to many Muay Thai Champions and legends. Manasak Pinsinchai (Rajadamnern Champion and WMC champion, ranked number 1 in Lumpinee) and Thailand Pinsinchai (former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium champion) are trainers here and Thailand has brought with him 2 top fighters to train here.  Prakraiphet (a Channel 7 champion) and Yokphet (a tournament champion at Channel 7).  

It is about 15km outside of the city in the small town of San Kam Phaeng. Training costs 10,000 baht per month and they have ample accommodation onsite and in the local area.

Hong Thong Muay Thai

Hong Thong Muay Thai

This gym is owned by 2 brothers Joe and Gen also known as Hongthong Noi and Hongthong Lek who were both high-level fighters in the Bangkok fighting scene. Both of these friendly guys work as trainers here and have a wealth of knowledge offering good technical training in a positive atmosphere. At this gym, there is a focus on family ethos.

An interesting fact is that as well as being high-level fighters and great trainers they both have university qualifications in Physical Education and Sports Science.

Before the gym was located in Hang Dong area of Chiang Mai but it has now moved to the Tasala area close to the Promenade Shopping Center and built a stunning modern gym right beside the Dhara dhevi hotel Chiang Mai, which has onsite accommodation. Training one time per day for One month costs 5,500 baht and training two times per day for one-month costs 9,000 baht.

Lanna Muay Thai

Lanna Muay Thai gym

Lanna is also known as Kiatbusaba, named after its owner a lady called Pom. It has been around the longest out of all the gyms in Chiang Mai. In the glory days of the gym, it had many top Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand fighters such as JR who lives and fights in China now fighting on all of their top events such as Kunlun. Many of the fighters from this old guard currently work as trainers there. Therefore they have been there for many years. Head trainer Pi Daeng runs the regime offering training focused on technique and fight preparation. The gym is located on Huay Kaew Road close to Chiang Mai University so there will be lots of accommodation in the area. Training 2 times per day for one month costs 8,800 baht.

The up and coming gym in Chiang Mai

Many people will have heard of Chai Yai Gym in the Nong Hoi area of Chiang Mai. The gym was named after Chay Yai Sittehpitak who was the most famous fighter at this gym. Unfortunately, the gym which has been running for over 30 years has closed. However, the good news is it has been taken over by Noom and is now known as Chiang Mai Muay Thai Academy. Noom who was born in Nongkhai province is regarded as one of the best trainers in Chiang Mai.

He is also the brother of Bee the owner of Charn Chai Muay Thai in Pai, Mae Hong Song. Bee was a former #1 ranking Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums in Bangkok.

It is his dream to make a Bangkok style gym in Chiang Mai by building up fighters in the local stadiums and pushing them for the bigger stadiums in the nation’s capital. He has a lot of up and coming Thai fighters on his books and there is no doubt that this will become one of the best gyms in Chiang Mai. This gym is foreigner and beginner friendly. However, as the gym is backed by a consortium of Muay Thai gamblers whose ambition is to send these fighters to the big stadiums of Bangkok, the training will be undertaking a tough regime.


This article was written by Neill Conlan  who has been living full time in Thailand since 2013. He is a retired Muay Thai fighter with over 30+ fights across Thailand.  He blogs about life living in Thailand and traveling around Asia.

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