A Unique Journey through Northern Italian Flavors

31 January 2018

Michelin Star Chef Marco Stabile, speaks of family, traditions, and history when he talks about his food. Rich in culture, Italians have always had a reputation as adamant food lovers, and this is evident when enjoying his dishes. You can experience a unique journey that pays homage to not only the roots but the future of Northern Italian flavors.


Tuscan Grandmother Rituals

Sitting around the tables laughing and telling the stories of the past. A family setting which is engrained in all of us, no matter what culture or country we hail. The table where we break bread with loved ones and enjoy one another’s company, rich or poor. This dish represents all of those memories of grandmothers table to Chef Marco Stabile. Each item on this plate depicts a different recipe. Chef explained that during wartime there was not much to eat in Italy. To make do with what they had people would take a piece of bread and rub it on smoked herring so it would absorb the flavor. Representing this aspect of culinary history in a hyperbolic but nevertheless, a delicious way is the smoked herring caviar.

Stabile similarly emphasized the importance of ham stock in Italian cooking. It appears that it is utilized to cook everything from crostini to pasta. This takes us to the next item included in Tuscan Grandmother Rituals. The crostini with chicken liver pate with the ham broth pour over the entire bowl at the last minute.

This dish has deep seeded roots into Italian culture, history, and cuisine.  What would usually sit individually on a family table in Tuscany, Chef Marco Stabile has managed to fit in one dish and make it notably rich and savory. With different textures dancing with each bite you take, from the crispy crostini to the creamy egg yolk. The depth and the vision to put something like this together is remarkable.



By far was my favorite of the lunch. This full body flavored dish had a slight Asian twist to it. Sitting on the bottom of the pasta was a cream infused with lemongrass, and the characteristics had blended beautifully. The tortellini was stuffed a Chianti style slow cooked beef and was gently dusted with grounded capers. I truly enjoyed every single party of this dish. So much so that when I was done consuming the tortellini, I used my bread up to soak up the unbelievably flavorful yet light and delicate cream.


Tiramisu Espresso

After every dish came out, the chef would come and introduce us to your meal. The last recipe was the Tiramisu Espresso. Chef emphasizes that the dessert was all done “in the moment.” So, while we were consuming our previous meal, they were working behind the scenes making us this delectable dessert. Airy and light, I could not have pictured a better ending to this meal.  Chef Marco Stabile outdid himself and if you are a fan of Italian food. I can’t see why in the world you miss out on this event.

31 January – 4 February 2018
11:30 – 14.30 p.m.
THB 1,588++ per person

18:00 – 22:00 p.m.
THB 2,488++ per person (includes a selection of Italian wines)
Dhala pool garden, level 1

Advance Reservation Required, Limited Seating Available.
Call: +66 53 253 888

Email: [email protected]


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