Chiang Mai Buses and Timetables

Don’t be late! Buses usually leave on time

Buses remain the most popular and widespread means of transport in Thailand and are used by many Thais and travellers every day across the Kingdom. On the whole the buses are fairly frequent, safe, reliable and comfortable. Usually they leave on time, travel quickly and some offer a VIP service, while remaining affordable to budget travellers. Buses travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and back, almost hourly and take about 10 hours.

Local buses can get crowded with locals, so you are advised to arrive a little early, however they depart quite regularly. Be sure to check your times for air-conditioned buses, which are far more comfortable in the Thai heat. Long distance buses offer excellent service, with a hostess offering soft drinks and a small snack as well as a wet towel. Videos are shown on most buses, usually in Thai language, and they go on through the night making sleep a little difficult sometimes. Thais also love their air-conditioning at sub-zero temperatures, so remember to dress warmly.

There is stiff competition among bus companies for the Bangkok to Chiang Mai route and buses leave hourly. Buses from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Planning your own journeys can be tricky, as timings are never absolute in Thailand especially during the peak season. It’s a must to check up-to-date information as well as booking in advance. 12Go Asia is providing the quality of e-tickets for trains, buses, ferries and flights.

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Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station 3
165, Soi 5, Kaewnawarat Road, Wat Ket, Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel: (053) 242 664
Bangkok to Chiang Mai: 

Contact: Nakornchai Tour – Tel: (053) 262 799, Website

Destination A/C Bus (seats) Fare (Baht) Duration (Hrs) From Bangkok  (Mo Chit)
Chiang Mai 1st Class (32) 837 9.5 09:00, 21:00
Chiang Mai 1st Class (50) 538 9.5 21:40, 23:00
Chiang Mai 2nd Class(55) 419 11 05:40,07:25,10:30
Chiang Mai 2nd Class(55) 419 11 12:30,14:30,19:50
Chiang Mai to Bangkok:

Contact: Nakornchai Tour – Tel: (053) 262 799, Website

Destination A/C Bus (seats) Fare (Baht) Duration (Hrs) From Chiang Mai
Bangkok 1st Class (30) 759 9.5 10:00, 10:35, 21:20, 22:10, 22:30
Bangkok 2nd Class (32) 569 9.5 20:35, 20:45, 21:15, 21:45, 23:00
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