Flights To/From Chiang Mai and Timetables

Local airlines offer low priced flights to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is rapidly becoming a busy regional airport, with flights from Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Luang Prabang, Mae Hong Son, Pai and Nan.

Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is not very busy and there are seldom long waits or delays with check-in. The single terminal is easy to navigate, with all arrivals on the ground floor beside the check-in counters and all departures from the mezzanine level. There are several shops, a convenience store, a newsagent, along with coffee shops and restaurants at the airport. Transport into the city centre is easy and parking is also adequate. 

Several local budget airlines offer reasonably priced seats on flights to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and elsewhere regionally, though Thai Air has the largest number of flights, greater comfort and some competitively priced tickets. Typically, a single journey will cost between US$50 and US$80, but it varies according to advanced booking times.

Air Asia are developing Chiang Mai into a hub with great budget deals for those that book ahead. Even in the busy season you could probably show up at the airport and get a seat on flights at Chiang Mai International Airport.

Planning your own journeys can be tricky, as timings are never absolute in Thailand especially during the peak season. It’s a must to check up-to-date information as well as booking in advance. 12Go Asia is providing the quality of e-tickets for trains, buses, ferries and flights.

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Flight Timetables To/From Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai International Airport
60 Mahidol Road, Muang, Chiang Mai. Tel: (053) 270 222-33.
Bangkok Don Muang (DMK) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Bangkok Don Muang (CNX)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
DD8300 DMK CNX 6:05 7:15 Daily Nok Air
WE150 DMK CNX 6:25 7:40 Daily Thai Smile
FD3437 DMK CNX 6:35 7:50 Daily Air Asia
DD8302 DMK CNX 6:50 8:00 Daily Nok Air
FD3443 DMK CNX 8:20 9:40 Daily Air Asia
DD8306 DMK CNX 9:05 10:15 Daily Nok Air
FD3435 DMK CNX 10:30 11:40 Daily Air Asia
WE154 DMK CNX 10:50 12:00 Daily Thai Smile
FD3447 DMK CNX 11:35 12:55 Daily Air Asia
FD3441 DMK CNX 12:25 13:45 Daily Air Asia
DD8312 DMK CNX 12:40 13:50 Daily Nok Air
WE156 DMK CNX 13:25 14:40 Daily Thai Smile
DD8314 DMK CNX 13:40 14:50 Daily Nok Air
FD3433 DMK CNX 13:45 15:00 Daily Air Asia
FD3445 DMK CNX 14:50 16:05 Daily Air Asia
FD3431 DMK CNX 15:45 17:00 Daily Air Asia
DD8318 DMK CNX 16:30 17:40 Daily Nok Air
FD3439 DMK CNX 16:55 18:10 Daily Air Asia
WE158 DMK CNX 18:15 19:30 Daily Thai Smile
FD3425 DMK CNX 19:30 20:45 Daily Air Asia
K88517 DMK CNX 19:30 21:30 W Kan Airlines
FD3427 DMK CNX 20:35 21:50 Daily Air Asia
FD3429 DMK CNX 21:25 22:35 Daily Air Asia
DD8301 CNX DMK 7:45 8:50 Daily Nok Air
FD3438 CNX DMK 8:20 9:30 Daily Air Asia
DD8303 CNX DMK 8:30 9:35 Daily Nok Air
WE151 CNX DMK 8:40 9:55 Daily Thai Smile
FD3444 CNX DMK 10:25 11:40 Daily Air Asia
DD8307 CNX DMK 10:45 11:50 Daily Nok Air
FD3436 CNX DMK 12:15 13:30 Daily Air Asia
WE155 CNX DMK 12:35 13:45 Daily Thai Smile
FD3448 CNX DMK 13:25 14:45 Daily Air Asia
FD3442 CNX DMK 14:15 15:30 Daily Air Asia
DD8313 CNX DMK 14:25 15:30 Daily Nok Air
DD8315 CNX DMK 15:25 16:30 Daily Nok Air
FD3444 CNX DMK 15:30 16:45 Daily Air Asia
WE157 CNX DMK 15:40 16:55 Daily Thai Smile
FD3446 CNX DMK 16:35 17:55 Daily Air Asia
FD3440 CNX DMK 16:40 19:55 Daily Air Asia
K88518 CNX DMK 17:00 19:00 W Kan Airlines
FD3432 CNX DMK 17:30 18:45 Daily Air Asia
DD8319 CNX DMK 18:10 19:15 Daily Nok Air
WE159 CNX DMK 20:15 21:30 Daily Thai Smile
FD3426 CNX DMK 21:20 22:45 Daily Air Asia
FD3428 CNX DMK 22:20 23:45 Daily Air Asia
FD3430 CNX DMK 23:10  00:20 Daily Air Asia
Bangkok Suvarnabhumbi (BKK) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Bangkok Suvarnabhumbi (BKK)
Flight From To Departure Arrive  Day Airline
TG102 BKK CNX 7:50 9:10 Daily Thai Airways
PG215 BKK CNX 8:00 9:15 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG104 BKK CNX 8:45 9:55 Daily Thai Airways
TG612 BKK CNX 9:15 10:25 Daily Thai Airways
PG270 BKK CNX 9:45 11:00 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG217 BKK CNX 12:10 13:25 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG110 BKK CNX 13:15 14:25 Daily Thai Airways
PG906 BKK CNX 17:10 18:25 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG116 BKK CNX 17:20 18:30 Daily Thai Airways
TG120 BKK CNX 18:40 20:00 Daily Thai Airways
PG227 BKK CNX 19:35 20:50 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG221 BKK CNX 21:15 22:30 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG222 CNX BKK 6:55 8:15 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG216 CNX BKK 10:00 11:20 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG103 CNX BKK 10:05 11:25 Daily Thai Airways
TG105 CNX BKK 10:40 11:50 Daily Thai Airways
PG224 CNX BKK 11:45 13:05 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG907 CNX BKK 14:10 15:30 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG111 CNX BKK 15:20 16:30 Daily Thai Airways
PG226 CNX BKK 17:15 18:35 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG220 CNX BKK 19:10 20:30 Daily Bangkok Airways
TG117 CNX BKK 19:20 20:30 Daily Thai Airways
TG121 CNX BKK 20:50 22:10 Daily Thai Airways
PG228 CNX BKK 21:40 23:00 Daily Bangkok Airways


Hua Hin (HHQ) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Hua Hin (HHQ)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88248 HHQ CNX 19:30 21:30 T,F,Su Kan Airlines
K88247 CNX HHQ 17:00 19:00 T,F,Su Kan Airlines


Incheon/Seoul (ICN) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Incheon/Seoul (ICN)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
KE667 ICN CNX 18:40 22:40 Su-W-Th-Sa Korean Air
KE668 CNX ICN 23:55 6:50 Su-W-Th-Sa Korean Air


Khon Kaen (KKC) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Khon Kaen (KKC)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
FD5500 KKC CNX 14:15 15:20 Daily Air Asia
K88326 KKC CNX 15:00 16:10 Daily Kan Airlines
FD5500 CNX KKC 7:15 8:20 Daily Air Asia
K88325 CNX KKC 13:20 14:30 Daily Kan Airlines


Koh Samui (USM) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Koh Samui (USM)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
PG241 USM CNX 10:20 12:10 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG242 CNX USM 12:50 14:35 Daily Bangkok Airways


Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
AK854 KUL CNX 6:55 8:40 Daily Air Asia
OD530 KUL CNX 10:40 12:20 Daily Malindo Air
AK856 KUL CNX 12:45 14:35 Daily Air Asia
AK855 CNX KUL 9:10 13:00 Daily Air Asia
OD531 CNX KUL 13:40 17:30 Daily Malindo Air
AK857 CNX KUL 15:10 19:05 Daily Air Asia


Luang Prabang (LPQ) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Luang Prabang (LPQ)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
QV635 LPQ CNX 13:15 14:15 Daily Lao Airlines
QV636 CNX LPQ 15:15 16:15 Daily Lao Airlines


Mae Hong Son (HGN) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Mae Hong Son (HGN)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88122 HGN CNX 9:00 9:35 Daily Kan Airlines
PG238 HGN CNX 10:35 11:15 Daily Bangkok Airways
K88124 HGN CNX 12:00 12:30 Daily Kan Airlines
K88126 HGN CNX 17:00 17:35 Daily Kan Airlines
PG240 HGN CNX 17:25 18:05 M-W-F Bangkok Airways
K88121 CNX HGN 8:10 8:45 Daily Kan Airlines
PG237 CNX HGN 9:20 10:05 Daily Bangkok Airways
K88123  CNX HGN 11:00 11:30 Daily Kan Airlines
K88125 CNX HGN 16:00 16:35 Daily Kan Airlines
PG239 CNX HGN 16:15 17:00 M-W-F Bangkok Airways


Mae Sot (MAQ) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Mae Sot (MAQ)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88254 MAQ CNX 14:50 15:30 M,T,W,Th Kan Airlines
K88253 CNX MAQ 13:55 14:35 M,T,W,Th Kan Airlines


Nan (NNT) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Nan (NNT)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88134 NNT CNX 14:45 15:30 F,Su Kan Airlines
K88133 CNX NNT 13:45 14:30 F,Su Kan Airlines


Pai (PYY) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Pai (PYY)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88142 PYY CNX 11:00 11:25 Daily Kan Airlines
K88144 PYY CNX 12:45 13:10 M,T,W,Th,Sa Kan Airlines
K88141 CNX PYY 10:20 10:45 Daily Kan Airlines
K88143 CNX PYY 11:55 12:20 M,T,W,Th,Sa Kan Airlines


Phitsanulok (PHS) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Phitsanulok (PHS)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88228 PHS CNX 19:20 20:20 Su Kan Airlines
K88227 CNX PHS 18:00 19:00 Su Kan Airlines


Phuket (HKT) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Phuket (HKT)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
FD3159 HKT CNX 9:20 11:20 Daily Air Asia
FD3161 HKT CNX 10:35 12:30 Daily Air Asia
PG242 HKT CNX 12:50 14:35 Daily Bangkok Airways
PG244 HKT CNX 16:05 17:50 Daily Bangkok Airways
FD3167 HKT CNX 19:20 21:15 Daily Air Asia
FD3160 CNX HKT 6:10 8:20 Daily Air Asia
PG247 CNX HKT 11:30 13:40 Daily Bangkok Airways
FD3162 CNX HKT 13:00 15:05 Daily Air Asia
PG248 CNX HKT 14:30 16:40 Daily Bangkok Airways
FD3168 CNX HKT 21:45 23:50 Daily Air Asia


Singapore (SIN) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Singapore (SIN)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
MI702 SIN CNX 8:45 10:45 M-T-W-Th-Sa Silk Air
TR2176 SIN CNX 14:20 16:15 T-Th-Sa Tiger Air
MI706 SIN CNX 14:50 16:50 Su-M-T Silk Air
MI701 CNX SIN 11:30 15:35 M-T-W-Th-Sa Silk Air
TR2177 CNX SIN 16:55 21:05 T-Th-Sa Tiger Air
MI705 CNX SIN 17:40 21:45 Su-M-T Silk Air


Ubon Ratchathani (UBP) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – Ubon Ratchathani (UBP)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88312 UBP CNX 8:40 10:30 Daily Kan Airlines
K88311 CNX UBP 6:20 8:10 Daily Kan Airlines


U-Tapao (UTP) – Chiang Mai (CNX) – U-Tapao (UTP)
Flight From To Departure Arrive Day Airline
K88528 UTP CNX 19:30 21:30 M,Th,Sa Kan Airlines
K88527 CNX UTP 17:00 19:00 M,Th,Sa Kan Airlines
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