Jerky Attack!!!

March 2, 2017

Watching Jin Toop or hammered beef jerky being prepared at Padang in San Sai is quite an experience. As you watch the club hammer being slammed merciless against the cooked meat, you don’t really know what to expect but when it arrives to your table it does not disappoint. A bit chewy and tough, like beef jerky, its goes great with dipping sauces that are provided and of course a glass of beer. For those adventurous eaters, Ab Oung Or or pig brains, might what you are looking for. It’s has an enticing aroma, full of flavor with a creamy texture, it was the dish that stood out the most.

If Padang sounds or looks Familiar, you might have seen this local legend has been in this sport for 30 years and has appeared on #partsunknown with Anthony Bourdain. She’s open daily from 3 to 12 pm.

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