9th Birthday of Free Bird Cafe!

It’s our birthday! 9 years already of providing healthy, delicious, creative food that is sustainable for the environment and your body.

9 years of providing 100% of our profits to help support our learning center for refugees from Burma, Thai Freedom House and 9 years of providing Tutoring, Hospitality Training and Sustainable Social Enterprise Training for our adult refugee students that are the most vulnerable.

9 years of cooking and creativing with love; for you, the earth and our students.
Please celebrate with us!

We are a little late, our actual birthday was in March but we have been busy making some awesome changes that we want to share with you at the event, please join us for some vegan food, live music, arts and crafts and fun!

If you are not in Chiang Mai, you can donate towards our social enterprise with this paypal link to help support us into our 10th year: paypal.me/ThaiFreedomHouse

Visit our Facebook for more information.

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