C’est la vie – Solo Art Exhibition at Art Bridge Chiangrai

Diary of his life that released and created through the art. From all situation, feeling and emotion in his life whether it is the happiness, love, karma or passion that goes over and over again. But life would be easier if you know how to release and accepting the truth and you will get the freedom when you can enjoy what you get in your life. The principle of Buddhism teach us how to find the truth of happiness with the simple life.

“Suffering can be ended by attaining dispassion; suffering can be overcome through human activity simply by removing the cause of suffering. Attaining and perfecting unattachment is a process of many levels that ultimately results in the state of Nirvana.” The principle of Buddhism that Mr. Jongjit Moolmat used to live in every day of life and applied in his artwork …and this is life, this is “C’est la vie”


Date: 27 October-25 November 2018

Open: Daily 10.00- 21.00

Contact info: Art Bridge Chiang Rai’s website or facebook

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