Romantic Honeymoons in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a perfect destinations for honeymoons

Chiang Mai is a romantic destination, perfect for two people who are deeply in love. With majestic mountains, beautiful temples and elegant resorts, it’s the perfect location for a honeymoon. Chiang Mai is a magical place that is sure to enchant you with a memorable mix of nature, culture and romance.

The northern region is such an established and interesting tourist destination that honeymoons in Chiang Mai are a great choice. Plus there are companies dedicated to providing tailored Chiang Mai honeymoon packages especially for couples…more on Chiang Mai weddings.

Chiang Mai Honeymoon Dining

Chiang Mai offers visitors the chance to enjoy a wide range of cuisines. In the heart of the city you can find sumptuous local dishes for a very cheap price, as well as a range of other international cuisines including Mexican, French, Vietnamese and Italian. Enjoy a candlelit dinner on a river cruise or choose from one of the many traditional teak-style restaurants which have fantastic ambience…more on restaurants.

Romantic accommodation

Many couples decide their Chiang Mai honeymoon is well worth a splurge and opt for one of the city’s high-end hotels. Four Seasons is a fantastic choice, not only is it a luxury environment, but they have packages especially designed for honeymooning couples, such as a cooking class for two and candlelit dinners. Other top choices include Shangri-LaAnantara and Dhara Dhevi. These resorts are designed to work in harmony with nature and offer you the ultimate relaxing and romantic experience…more on romantic accommodation.

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Chiang Mai honeymoon activities

There is no shortage of things to do in Chiang Mai, from high energy exertion to complete relaxation and pampering. There is lots of history to discover and nature to uncover. You can go elephant trekking, temple touring, market shopping and round it all off with a romantic couples package at a luxury spa…more on activities.

Chiang Mai honeymoon romance

Chiang Mai is the Thai capital of romance. Just outside the city a majestic mountain range, known as Doi Suthep, is home to a temple which offers a stunning vista over the region. The drama of the landscape’s natural beauty, combined with the richness of its culture makes this region of Northern Thailand a magical location for anyone in the mood for romance. There are many Chiang Mai honeymoon packages including rafting, trekking and elephant riding. There are also more relaxing options such as spa treatments.

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