Government Agencies in Chiang Mai

We’ve tried to provide as many listings as we could reasonably find. This is a growing list, please help us to improve it. Feel free to suggest any others (or corrections) by emailing us.

  • Chiang Mai City Hall:
    Chotana Road. Tel: (053) 112 708-9, Website.
  • Chiang Mai Immigration:
    71 Moo 3, Suthep. Tel: (053) 201 755-6, Website.
  • Chiang Mai Municipal Office:
    1 Wangsincom Road. Tel: (053) 259 000, Website.
  • Department of International Trade Promotion:
    29/19 Singharatch Road. Tel: (053) 216 350-1, Website.

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  • District Office:
    16 Intavarorot Road. Tel: (053) 221 016, Website.
  • Provincial Court:
    Chotana Road. Tel: (053) 112 510, Website.
  • Provincial Health Office:
    10 Suthep Road. Tel: (053) 211 048-50, Website.

How to get a Thai driver’s license
From the Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road (south of the city, running alongside the airport), head south towards Hang Dong and turn left into the complex just before the intersection with the first ring-road (the Inner ring road). It is about opposite the end of the runway (look out for the footbridge over the road as a handy landmark) and is the only entrance in the area. More info on obtaining a Thai driving license here.

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